Science Fun For Everyone...Right Here In Our Own Backyard

Backyard Adventures Exhibit at the Academy of Natural Sciences opens June 9 through September 10

June 6, 2017

Step into a garden of wonders and experience the fascinating science that’s literally in your own backyard in a new exhibit opening Friday, June 9, at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

Backyard Adventures is filled with interactive play stations where families can investigate the great outdoors and discover a hidden world of science. Visitors can ride a bee bike, collect nectar, explore a food web pond, copy critter calls, and even dress up like a favorite animal. Engaging in fun activities like mini-golf, children will solve simple physics challenges and uncover the amazing interactions between insects and plants.

Some of our favorites from the exhibit were the food web pond where we could experience life in the pond food chain, the backyard mini-golf, learning the speed of a backyard game of catch and the hands-on building area at the outdoor shed. We love hands-on play and it's even more meaningful when there are important science and nature lessons hidden within! 


In July and August, the Academy’s Dino-Mite Summer programming offers something special every day with the backyard adventure theme. Visitors will meet live backyard dinosaurs (birds!); laugh along as Marty the Moose tells goofy backyard jokes; examine favorite backyard bugs up close; use LEGO bricks to build dinosaurs and bugs, and much more. For the daily schedule of activities, visit

Backyard Adventures will be on view through Sunday, Sept. 10. For more information and to purchase tickets online at a discount, visit

Backyard Adventures is designed and produced by Scitech of Perth, Australia and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.