Travel Ideas for Exploring the Beauty of Fall

By Dana Zificsak, CTA, CTIE October 1, 2020

It's the time of year where we can soak up nature in all its beautiful autumnal glory. I came across a few ideas if you'd like to try and get out to explore.

Three Ideas for Exploring the Beauty of Fall

  1. Take a road trip to one of these areas of Pennsylvania known for fall colors. This article has some great spots to check out.
  2. You can partake in a “Haunted Halloween” or “Trick or Treat” trip on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad through beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  3. What better way to immerse yourself in nature than by hiking, backpacking, or camping in the Blue Ridge Parkway? Moseying anywhere along the 384 miles from Asheville, North Carolina to Charlottesville, Virginia offers you plenty of dramatic scenery, sparkling mountain streams, and a multitude of birds and wildlife for the alert visitor.  

Enjoy all of the beauty and family fun that fall travel has to offer. If I can help you plan current or future travel please contact me. I look forward to helping your family make new memories and have new adventures. 

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