The Benefits Dance Provides Us

By Jenny Rose Kineavy April 5, 2022

The performing arts, such as dance, provide students with a plethora of life skills, lessons, and tools. Over the last few years, students have had to deal with a complete shift in their reality. Outlets, such as the performing arts, supplied a necessary coping mechanism, social connection, and much more. Dance studios and teachers remained a constant in their students’ lives as everything else seemed to change daily. In addition to challenges, sticking with their art supplied dancers with positive experiences both physically and mentally.

Dance is an art form that relies heavily on human interaction. When the act of being present in a studio, theater, or dance studio lobby was restricted, dancers had to adapt quickly. As a result, the dance industry achieved a huge accomplishment when they were able to give their students a way to stay active and connected. Physical activity releases endorphins to the brain and brings a sense of tranquility and happiness to the dancer. Although their training may have looked different, it was still redeemed an important part of any dancer’s life. Finding creative ways to hold classes and keeping the dance teachers involved in their students’ lives proved to be key. The connection between a dance teacher and their students is extremely important. Dance teachers are often role models to kids of all ages and an integral part of their lives. Keeping this connection going allowed students a constant in their schedules. Being adaptable is an important life skill many had to learn quickly, but they were never alone. A sense of community was built in every corner of the dance world since we were truly all in this together.

For many students, their dance studio is a home away from home, and through dance, they are able to escape the stressors of everyday life. The dance industry recognizes how important this art form is for the dancer’s mental health and wellbeing. By shifting swiftly and efficiently, dancers stayed connected to their creative outlet. In fact, since dance can be done in the largest of theaters, smallest of rooms, or even a backyard, dancers could rely on their art to work through any anxieties they may be facing. Many dancers had the opportunity to try new genres of dance, choreographing for the first time, and much more. This kept dancers mentally stimulated and in touch with their emotions. Emotions manifest themselves in the body so when we move the body, we are able to bring these feelings to life and learn to cope with them. Due to this, dancers were able to build confidence in a whole new way. By training alone in a room, dancers only had to focus on themselves. They were not faced with peers watching them or the urge to compare themselves to others. When the dancers came back to the studio, they were more in touch with their talents and eager to learn more. Additionally, dancers were very excited to see their friends and witness their accomplishments during their time apart.

The dance world has successfully provided students with various healthy outlets to deal with the ever-changing world. Due to assisting their students both physically and mentally, the dance industry is stronger than ever. The dance industry proved that dancers can be adapt to any challenges thrown their way. Additionally, physical activity supplied a vital coping mechanism to deal with the stressors of everyday life. Likewise, although dance is an art form typically performed in front of crowds, the dancers were able to keep their connection to the community alive. Furthermore, dance goes beyond the physical and gives dancers a creative outlet to explore and understand their emotions. Keeping their minds just as active as their bodies assured dancers would continue to grow and get stronger. The confidence dancers were able to build despite the challenges, is a huge reason dance was a great addition to any schedule. Dance, and other performing arts, faced many challenges over the years but it is how the dancers, studios, and teachers were able to combat these adversities and come out strong that proves how important the arts are to families around the world.

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