Nature, History & Fun at Summer Discovery at Newlin Grist Mill

April 12, 2022

Summer Discovery at Newlin Grist Mill offers history- and nature-based experiences in an engaging, inclusive, outdoor environment for children ages 4-12. ***Please note: Spaces for ages 4-7 are SOLD OUT for all three weeks of camp. Spaces are still available for ages 8-12 as of publication.*** 

At Summer Discovery, campers share unique experiences that connect and expand their interactions with each other and their community. Summer Discovery is the place where learning is fun! We strive to provide fun, engaging activities that encourage campers to follow their passions and connect with the world around them. Traditional camp fun like hiking, games, and scavenger hunts are intertwined with unique educational opportunities that highlight the nature and history our site has to offer. On any given day, campers might be looking for frogs, building a sculpture of recycled materials, baking cookies from an 18th-century recipe, or experimenting with unbreakable bubbles. There is no end to the fun adventures that can be had!

Camps run from 8:30am to 12:30pm each day and include a peanut-free snack.

2022 Summer Discovery Camps:

June 27 – July 1: “Superheroes of Nature”
Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Join Newlin Grist Mill for a super week of fun in nature as we practice our superhero skills, learn how to make the world a better place, and meet the plants, animals, and people who are already working to do so.

Campers should expect lots of fun games, exciting discoveries, and hands-on explorations throughout the park.

July 11 – July 15: “Time Travelers”
Take a trip in the Newlin Time Machine! In this camp, we will journey back to the prehistoric age, discover the area’s NativeAmerican legacy, visit our 18th-century ancestors, go “full steam ahead” into the Industrial Revolution, and finish the week with a voyage to the future.

July 25 – July 29: “Big Nature, Little Nature”
From tiny tadpoles to giant trees and quiet crickets to loudly cawing crows, the world is full of comparisons! This camp focuses on the extremes of nature and how they intersect with our daily lives. Using our best observations and experimentations, we will explore the park in search of the tallest, shortest, softest, loudest, and most fun parts of nature!

Price per camper, per week: $200 for members, $250 for non-members

Registration information is available at