Meliá Orlando Has All My Family-Travel Must-Haves

By Jen Anderson - Publisher, West Chester Macaroni KID October 6, 2022

Orlando, Florida, is the ultimate city for magical family fun. From theme parks and thrills to shopping and more, Orlando offers countless options for family fun and adventure. Families can explore the Disney Parks and Disney Springs, Universal Studios, ICON Park, Sea World, Celebration, Old Town, and more.

I have loved having the opportunity to travel with our kids — by plane, by car, even by boat. As a result, I've come to learn a few things along the way that have helped our vacations feel more like....vacation. For example, I've learned that the place we rest our heads each night needs to be more than just a place to rest our head. In fact, it's been our family's experience that where you stay during your family travel is one of the single-most important decisions you'll make. No matter what exciting plans you have during the day, you'll want to find a place to call home to help you gear up for the day, unwind when you return, and sleep soundly in between.

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Over the years I have come to create a list of must-haves when it comes to planning a stay as a family. There are many options of where to stay within the magic of Orlando, but here is how Meliá Orlando Celebration checks off every box on my must-have list:

Space to Spread Out

A hotel room with a separate living space, separate rooms, and separate bathrooms is one of our family travel must-haves. Whether we were traveling with babies, toddlers, tweens, or teens, having separate spaces to sleep, hangout, and prep for the day is a huge help. 

Meliá Orlando Celebration offers an array of suite options, including family suites. These spacious suites provide a comfortable home during family travel. There is ample space for organizing all of your belongings, finding a comfortable spot to relax at night while the kids sleep, or spreading out so that every family member can enjoy their getaway. 

Conveniences of Home

Let's face it, on vacation I'm not aiming to do laundry or prep meals, but when it comes to traveling with children, sometimes you need the option to do one of them, or even both. 

The suites at Meliá Orlando Celebration offer the perfect-sized kitchen area that can serve as a place to make a quick breakfast or store snacks and drinks for your adventures. 

Meliá Orlando also has on-site laundry areas — we all know that traveling and adventuring with kids has the potential to get messy. When those Mickey Bars drip or that BBQ gets the best of you, it's nice to have a suitable option for cleaning up the laundry after all that family fun. Having the option to do a load or two of laundry might mean less to pack too, which can make traveling with little ones even easier.

Amazing Pool

Having a hotel pool is a must for us. It sometimes seems that no matter what other amazing adventures we plan, the hotel pool wins the day. 

The pool at Meliá Orlando Celebration is a beautiful, inviting, kid-friendly pool. It's open until 11pm, making for the perfect way to unwind after a busy Orlando day. Beyond beautiful, it offers amenities to please your whole family — there are lounge chairs, inflatables, and poolside activities including miniature golf, ping pong, and lawn games. The pool at Meliá Orlando even has a "zero-entry" entrance, making it easier for little ones to enter and enjoy the fun. There's a big-screen television for game day or family movie nights. 

Meliá Orlando always seems to have some family-friendly entertainment or surprises up their sleeve. If you want some fun and entertainment during your stay, the pool at Meliá is the place to find it. The best part of the pool for this lounge-chair-loving mom was the fact that I could picture myself lounging there all while being able to keep an eye out while my kids hit up all the pool hot spots — less chasing and worrying and more vacationing. 

Food on Site

We learned early on that when we travel we do best when we can enjoy meals on-site whenever possible. Nothing bursts the bubble of relaxation than a hangry family searching high and low for a nearby dinner spot that pleases their crowd. 

Meliá Orlando Celebration takes cuisine to the next level. Their brand new dining option, The Wilson Experience, is truly more of an experience than just a dining option — the ambiance will transport and relax you, and their mouthwatering dishes will please every palate. Adults (and Foodie-Kids) can enjoy their exquisite cuisine with a "coast meets curb" vibe. Younger, choosier kids have their own kid-friendly menu options too. We love to dine out, whether if we're in town or away, and I love a restaurant that feels trendy enough for us as the adults, yet approachable enough to enjoy it as a family. 

Close to All the Fun

With so much to do in Orlando, you'll want to be in the center of it all. Meliá Orlando is just minutes from attractions including ICON Park, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Celebration Town Center, Old Town Entertainment District, and more. 

Meliá Orlando is also close to some shops with the basic necessities, which is helpful for those "Oops, we forgot to pack the..." moments. 

A family stay at Meliá Orlando means you are just a short drive to and from just about everything your family would need or want. Meliá even offers free shuttles to nearby theme parks to make your adventures even more relaxing. You can step aboard and leave the driving to someone else.

For the few days I spent enjoying Orlando and as a guest at Meliá Orlando Celebration, I felt like I was "home" among the friendly staff and the wonderful, clean, and comfortable amenities. As I explored each day I knew that this spot was checking every box on my family's must-have list when it comes to finding our home-away-from-home. 

When you find a hotel that meets the needs of the entire family, the entire family tends to travel better, play more, and create long-lasting happy memories — and isn't that what travel is all about?

"Home is where you feel at home and are treated well" - Dalai Lama

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