Local Events to Get You Pumped for Sunday's Game - Go Birds

February 7, 2023

Chances are if you've passed a window around town that is painted artfully in support of our beloved Eagles it was the work of the talented Stefanie Birl of Birl Girl Designs. In addition to creating amazing birthday party experiences and delightful downtown murals, Stefanie has been busy getting the whole town fired up for the playoffs and for Sunday's BIG GAME!  

Stefanie will bring the football spirit to some private Pep Rally events this week at local spots including Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School and the Oscar Lasko YMCA but you can join in the fun at these community-wide events: 

  • Saturday, February 11 from 11am -1pm - Pep Rally at Brandywine Ace
  • Sunday, February 12 from 9:30am - 12pm United Sports training center ( for those who are there for programming )
  • Sunday, February 12 from 1-3 - Saloon 151 Eagles Event (family friendly)

Birl Girl Designs
Chester County PA
See more and follow along in the Philly Fun on Stefanie's Facebook and Instagram page for the latest events, happenings and announcements!