Uptown Studio

Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center226 N. High StreetWest Chester , PA 19380
Phone: 610-356-2787 Extension 2Email: therese@uptownwestchester.orgWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Uptown Studio, formerly known as WCStudio @ Uptown, is a comprehensive acting and musical theater training program that serves the community. Our instructors are experienced professional actors dedicated to delivering high-caliber performing arts education to students of all ages and abilities from Chester County, Delaware County, Wilmington, and Philadelphia.

In our program, students not only gain confidence but are also encouraged to take risks in a fun, nurturing, and safe environment. As students progress, they come to realize the significance of using their own voice. Students are encouraged to use their imagination and become Fearless. Equipped with new acting tools, performers learn how to effectively express themselves in the world. Our overarching goal is twofold: 1) Support aspiring actors in entering the industry while providing guidance to those new to the craft. 2) Through acting techniques our students learn to connect with themselves and gain a strong sense of self. Additionally, our class schedule is designed with consideration for students' academic studies.

Business Review

"I was so impressed with the show I saw performed by WCS students. Young professionals, already bringing their own truths to the stage... I saw acting choices made -- things most kids don't even think about at this age, but rather in college and conservatory training. They seemed to have a deep understanding of the material with their individual monologues and of the work as a whole. I saw confidence on the stage; no one seemed nervous and I got the sense they understood the work was more important than themselves. Performers used their blocking with purpose... All of this is a testament of the training they were receiving. ...Presence, ENERGY, diction, maturity, emotional connection, and in effect, moving the audience by their own truthful performances... What an outstanding opportunity for kids and teens to learn a solid technique for acting where the internal world of the character is expressed -- not with superficial or external tricks."


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