Kirsten Gross Professional Organizing LLC

SPECIAL SERVICES Do you or someone you know struggle with chronic disorganization, compulsive collecting, difficulty making decisions to discard old or unused items or are no longer able to use a room for its intended purpose due to clutter? If so, you are the perfect candidate for organizing services. Clutter and chaos no longer need to overwhelm and rule your life. we can help restore your home to a peaceful and welcoming environment.

RESIDENTIAL ORGANIZATION Residential Organization involves any area of the home. Kirsten assists the client in determining why there is disorganization in the space, devising a strategy to eliminate the chaos and create an organized, functional space that works well for the individual or family. Whether you want your space to be functional or enjoyed for entertainment, there is a plan we can implement to meet your desire and create a beautiful, comfortable space.

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Business Review

"Kirsten is an absolute pleasure to work with and has been such a help to me with her impressive organizing skills and guidance. Her sweet, non-judgmental personality made it easy for me to reach out to someone I didn’t know for help. Sometimes we just need a push and she is the push I needed to begin the process of cutting through the clutter that overwhelmed me! She also helps when indecision on what to do with some items keeps me from moving forward with the de-cluttering process. Thanks Kirsten; so glad I found your website and took that first step of calling you!" - Beth, Media, Pa

"Kirsten truly changed my life for the better. After a lifetime of disorganization, I was ready for a change. I was struggling with clutter and the inability to find things in my new home. Kirsten came and really listened to my needs. Three sessions later, my home is organized, clean, and uncluttered! My anxiety around the clutter was instantly gone when she came to work with me, and now I am able to maintain my home easily. She is punctual, professional, flexible, and very personable. I never felt uncomfortable or "judged". I will definitely call on her again should the need arise. My home is a relaxing and comfortable place at last!" - Betsy B., West Chester, PA