Spanish for Mommy and Me

Spanish for Mommy and Me Classes
Spanish class for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and first graders centered on songs, stories, and creative movement.

The class is about kids just being kids while being exposed to Spanish language through age-appropriate activities. They sing, dance, and play all in Spanish. Everybody has fun even caregivers! Caregivers even get the change to learn and freshen up their Spanish!

Ages: 6 months through 7 years old

Class times and locations:
Mondays 11:00 am at The Spirit of Yoga in West Chester
Tuesdays 9:45 am at Beanie Yogini in Malvern 
Thursdays 4:15 pm at The Spirit of Yoga in West Chester

Spanish for Mommy and Me at Home
We also offer Spanish for Mommy and Me at home. Moms are always looking for an opportunity to get together with other mom friends and organize play dates. So why not organize a play date in which you get a Mommy and Me Spanish Class?

This class is a semi-private class where babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary schoolers get the chance to learn Spanish through music, dance, stories, creative movement and games. Caregivers are welcome to join. The classes are held in the convenience and comfort of your home or at your friends' home.

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Business Review

My son (7) and daughter (5) have learned so much Spanish since we began attending Mariko's Spanish storytime classes.  Mariko is so welcoming, she puts all the kids (and parents!) at ease, fostering a positive learning environment.  Throughout the entire session, the kids are singing and playing - all in Spanish!  I knew how valuable these classes were when my daughter spontaneously began singing the songs from Mariko's class at home. Mariko does an amazing job of keeping the kids engaged and entertained - she always has a new activity or story to pique their interest.  My kids always look forward to seeing Mariko and I can't thank her enough for being such a wonderful teacher! -V. Cheng

Mariko's "Spanish for Mommy and Me" classes are in one word SUPERB!  She has a true passion for teaching children.  My 5 year old daughter has quickly learned Spanish in Mariko's caring, creative and fun-filled environment.  Mariko is creative, has a great sense of humor, is patient and encourages everyone to become comfortable with speaking in the Spanish language.  She has an unparalleled knowledge of the Spanish language as she is a native speaker and because she is continuously researching and keeping up with current foreign language learning techniques.  I feel that my daughter will become fluent in the language because of her participation in Marikos' program. I enthusiastically recommend Mariko's classes! -L. Campos  

Mariko runs an amazing Spanish class for kids.  Beyond being a native Spanish speaker, she has the creativity, energy, and enthusiasm to make the learning so fun and engaging, the kids don't even realize they're doing it all in Spanish and learning something along the way.  Her passion for teaching Spanish to little ones comes through in all the effort and heart she puts into each class.  I can't recommend her highly enough.

My daughter and I have so much fun at Miss Mariko’s Mommy and Me Spanish class!  Miss Mariko does a great job making each class fresh and interactive, while also making sure key concepts are repeated so the children truly absorb them!  A typical class includes a variety of songs and movement-based activities, as well as show-and-tell.  Miss Mariko is a friendly, prepared and organized teacher; she provides weekly emails that include all the material from the previous class so that practicing at home is easy!  She even made her own You-Tube videos featuring songs from class.  My 2 ½ year old and I have both learned basic Spanish words and phrases, without any prior background in the language and have had fun doing it!  I highly recommend Miss Mariko’s Mommy and Me classes for anyone interested in learning something new with their child! -J. Fenn