Origami Owl - Martina Martin

Our mission is to be a force for good...To Love + Inspire + Motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.

Create a Living Locket in just 5 simple steps.  

(1) Choose your charms - your passions, dreams, hobbies, family, etc.
(2) Choose the Living Locket to showcase your charms.  
(3)  Pick a chain - so many different lengths and styles.  
(4)  Personalize with our Inscription pieces.  
(5)  Now Accessorize with dangles, earrings, plates, and so much more!  

Embrace the moment and live from your CORE. Choose Mementos and pieces that you connect with most from our CORE Collection.  

Be part of something BIGGER. Design a life you love. If you're thinking, “There’s just something different about this.”  You’re right. This isn’t just about jewelry.  Origami Owl® customizable jewelry is a vehicle for you to be a Force for Good™.

You can help impact lives by sharing stories, touching hearts and helping others capture every moment. This is your chance to pursue your dreams and pay it forward. There are three price options to choose from when you join. 
100% Happy Guarantee.  If you are not having fun or experiencing success with your O2 business, return your starter kit for a REFUND!
Visit the website to see the options and contact me directly with any questions.  

We also have an amazing Owlette program for parents to teach their 12-17 year olds about being an entrepeneur and so much more!!! This is a great opportunity for girls and boys (works well for the boy scouts entrepeneur badge)!

Martina Martin's Origami Owl Facebook page

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