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Did you know that the U.S. bans just 11 ingredients in personal care products but Europe outlaws nearly 1,400?

Did you know that the United States has not passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938?

At Beautycounter, we believe that we deserve better and we're doing something about it. 

Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients and maintains a NEVER list of ingredients you will never see in our products and that you want to avoid. 

Read more about the Beautycounter Story and Mission.

Beautycounters products are not only safer, but they work and feel luxurious. The sunscreen rubs in easily, the makeup feels light and beautiful and the kids bath products smell fresh and fun. All of the products come with a 60-day guarantee, even once you've tried the product. If you find it's not for you, you can simply send it back for a refund.

If you want to join the movement to get safer products in the hands of everyone, you can start your Beautycounter journey.. When you join, you'll also have the opportunity to choose from a few bundles to get you started (this is optional but a great way to start your safer product collection.) Contact me to learn more about the opportunity, the products or to sample before you get started. I feel so passionately about living a healthier life with less harmful ingredients. I'd love to chat more with you about it! 

You can also be a part of the Beautycounter movement as a Member. Find out about the benefits of membership here - including free shipping perks and reward product credits. 

You can also shop Beautycounter products anytime at this link, they will ship directly to you in a few days. 

Please contact me to find out more about the mission, about using safer products, and how you can be a part of it all.

Q and A
How many hours a week do you "clock in" for work?
I put in just a few hours per week. I do it in addition to my other job and try to work when I can. It's very flexible.

How many, if any, people have you recruited for your team?
Two awesome local team members and we have a large local team overall which is helpful for collaborating and getting together to learn and share ideas.

Why is your company right for you?
I was alarmed to learn of the lack of regulation in our personal care products in the US. I knew I needed to read labels and find safe products but was having trouble doing so in stores. I felt frustrated and when I found and tried the Beautycounter products I knew I needed to be a part of it. Their mission to get "safe products into the hands of everyone" felt like such a good fit. I just want these products to be accessible to all!

What are the best perks to your job?
Personally I love having access to these products as well as the knowledge and learning about what is safe and why. From a "job" perspective, the flexibility is also a great perk.

What is the biggest challenge to your job?
My biggest challenge is I want to do it all! I want to spend lots of time telling people about the products and demonstrating how amazing they are, currently time is my biggest constraint but the flexibility helps (I can work at night or at
down times) but I feel so passionately about the products/mission that it can be hard to “take it slow” but it’s great that I can work at my own pace.

Why is your job worth your time?
Primarily because it doesn't require a lot of time! But truly it's worth it for me to have access to this product line and to be able to share it and share my passion for healthier living with others.

What is the buy-in?
You can purchase a Business Kit for $85, which includes a personalized website, product lookbooks, and other materials to help get your business started. You can also purchase product bundles at a significant discount giving you access to the awesome products but also providing you with items to share with friends and family and potential clients. The bundles are $249 (products valued at $424) - $449 (valued at $780) and $749 (valued at $1309). The bundles are not required. Additionally you can join as a Band of Beauty Member and earn product rewards. This costs $25 annually and you earn rewards on your spending as a member, but you would not be a consultant. Feel free to contact me to learn more about the differences.

What do you pay out of pocket every month?
Nothing, unless I need to stock up. Originally I purchased one of the discounted bundles so I am good for a while on most products. I might occasionally spend money on office supplies or samples, but it is not required.

What's your favorite product in the line?
I love it all. The Cleansing Balm is a miracle-worker and was something that I unexpectedly loved. Same with the Face Oils - I love them and did not expect to. I love so many products in the line.

What would it take for you to earn a full-time income for with your business - $40,000 for example?
The average consultant making $40,000 a year puts in 10-15 hours a week and has a team of consultants that she is also mentoring. As with anything, this is not get rich quick, and results are not guaranteed.

Advice for anyone looking to get involved with direct sales?
Find a product you feel passionate about and that feels like a good fit for you. For me, it was also important to be a part of something that is “low-pressure” and also part of a bigger mission. I did not want to feel pressured to “sell” but rather passionate about education and informing, in my natural, day-to-day life. Also, find a team or mentor that feels supportive. They will likely be a big part of your journey and it’s important to feel comfortable asking questions or seeking support!

Direct sales has sort of a stigma associated with it, how do you respond to that?
Know that you can do it your way, in a way that feels authentic to you. There are so many moms working a direct sales business and it means they are able to put food on the table or pay for dance class, or maybe they just love their
discount or free products. It is possible to make it work and it will feel great once you find your niche. People often look down on direct sales as a “scam” or with a stigma, but there are many ways to make it a success. Think of it this way if it helps - when you shop from a local representative, you are shopping local. You may be purchasing from a bigger brand
but income goes straight back to that motivated mom and in-turn, back into your community. Think of yourself as a local small business and customize your approach to sales in a way that fits you.