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West Chester, PA
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Pampered Chef is a Direct Sales Company that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of family life by providing quality kitchen products and helping families gather together around the kitchen table.  

I started my business over 8 years ago as a way to earn extra money and products.  Over the years, I have helped other Consultants fulfill their dreams, earn extra income and grow as individuals.  I am now a "work at home" wife and mother of two boys under the age of three. I am able to work my business around my family's schedule by going out a few times a week for Cooking Parties and working from home through Virtual Events.  

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Q and A 

How many hours a week do you "clock in" for work? 

24 which includes 3 parties a week

How many, if any, people have you recruited for your team?
Over the years about 20

Why is your company right for you? 
I enjoy cooking and baking. We use the products everyday in our home. Everyone needs to eat, cook or entertain.

What are the best perks to your job? 
I can earn free products every month through sales promotions and twice a year through free for all months. Each year; we have the opportunity to earn an Incentive Trip for one or more guests. I have the flexibility to work when I can and around our family schedules.

What is the biggest challenge to your job? 
With two young children; I'll admit sometimes I struggle with Time Management. I am learning how to carve out time to work my business each day during the week. It is important for me to work at least 1 hour a day on my business to continue growing to where I want it to be. If you want something bad enough; you need to put the time in and work for it.

Why is your job worth your time?
Over the years I have built a strong organization. As a leader, it is important to continue to grow your business and succeed. As a Consultant doing just two parties a week can be an additional $1000 a month for you and your family.

What is the buy-in?
Mini Kit is available for $99. New Consultant Kit is available for $159. Both come with Products, Business Materials and a Ebiz tools membership (website).

What do you pay out of pocket every month?
It varies. Twice a year I pay $66 ($132 a year) for my personal Website. This allows people to order online through your website. Most of my expenses are tax write-offs including mileage, groceries to try a new recipe, office supplies.

What's your favorite product in the line?
My favorite product? The Business Opportunity of course. It can change your life. It changed mine. My second favorite is probably the Rock Crok Dutch Oven. We use it all the time!

What would it take for you to earn a full-time income for with your business - $40,000 for example?
To earn more with Pampered Chef and work your time "smarter"; you do need to share the business opportunity and build a team. If you do not; then you will need to do 10-12 Cooking Parties a month on average to make about $40K a year. Looking at those numbers; that is only about 3 parties a week. Most part time jobs will have you working at least that and not always when it is best for you. When you are doing about 3 parties a week; you will be meeting enough people that you most likely will be recruiting and starting a team of your own. OR....Your sales will be amazing and you will definitely be earning a free trip.

Advice for anyone looking to get involved with direct sales?
Do it! Find a product or company that you love and that people love. When your excitement and passion is there; people want to join you and be a part of the amazing experience. When people want your product; it makes your "job" that much more enjoyable.

Direct sales has sort of a stigma associated with it, how do you respond to that?
I feel Direct Sales has come a long way in recent years. There will always be the people who will not support you or your business. You can not let them bother you or tear you down. Believe in yourself! Direct Sales can change your life! The support and recognition you get through your direct sales family is like no other.