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Tempo! provides music therapy services, family music classes, music lessons, and yoga in West Chester. Our team consists of board certified music therapists and music educators, most of whom have at least a master’s degree. Tempo! was founded in 2001 and when we decided to expand our services to include a general music program for young children, we chose Music Together® as our medium. We found the program aligned with our core belief system and offered benefits that other programs did not.

All of our Music Together® classes are inclusive, meaning there may be families attending with a child with special needs in any of our classes. We want our classes to be fun and accessible to all families. This allows families to attend classes together and for siblings to interact in a playful, musical environment. We welcome helpers and aides to attend and support families as well. If at any point it is determined that the class is not a right fit for a child or if there are safety concerns, we may provide alternate options. This does not mean that Music Together® is not a good fit overall, and often children are able to rejoin the class. If at any point you have questions about our inclusive policies, please contact us!

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Business Review

We love Music Together! We look forward to it every week :)

I really appreciate the welcoming environment Tempo! Music Therapy Services creates for all families!

Music Together is a wonderful program! We absolutely love it. The music and recordings are great and the class structure is top-notch. Angela is terrific! Miss Angela and her staff of teachers are the most patient, encouraging, and nurturing teachers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I've seen all three of my children just BLOSSOM under their individualized attention, with zero stress or pressure to perform or please anyone except themselves! My kids are just having fun playing music and have no idea how much they are learning in the process!