Meraki Run Club Camp

Downingtown, PA 19335
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Empowering young runners in Chester County.

About us: We are a youth running program that incorporates empowerment and growth mindset into each practice. We combine running drills, competition, games, and challenges to create a fun environment where runners focus on their fitness and mindset.

Who is camp for: Ages 6-13. All abilities welcome. Great as an introduction to running, or to improve speed and endurance. All runners will learn to feel empowered through their sport whether its runner or something else!

What do we offer:  Half day camp from 8:30am-12pm in Downingtown in June and August. 

Most days will be structured as such: warm up, running game, discussion on empowerment, running drills or activity, snack break, mindful activity, running drill, game, cool down.

Registration through DARC.

Ask us about our middle school running workouts in July -

Ways we can help combat youth sport burnout by Meraki Coaches

Surveys have shown that majority of youth athletes have reported some degree of burnout during their time in sports. Burnout can have emotional and physical effects. At Meraki Run Club we want to help young athletes feel empowered and develop a life long love for fitness.

What are some of the things we do to help combat burnout…

Make it fun: We have turned many of our workouts into fun games for all ages. Our bodies don't know the difference between running 10 sprints while filling a bucket with water from water balloons or just doing 10 sprint repeats. Make it fun!

Teach resilience: Resilience is one of the empowerment principles we teach to help runners understand how to pick themselves up when they are feeling down.

Create a positive environment: We teach our runners early on to speak positively about themself and how different it will feel when they do. We encourage our runners to treat our club like a team and motivate each other to bring their best selves each day. Our coaches also work hard to know all of our runners so that we can motivate and support them as best we can.